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July 06, 2018

Post Indonesia most of the Boardsox crew migrated to Central America, Taco and Barrel hungry as ever they met up with some more of our homies. This edit is put together by one of the Boardsox Homies Joey Draffern aka Talking Tubbas TV (@talkintubbastv on instagram) ! Photos are by infamous goofy wizard T-bird. Let TTTV take you on a Central America journey transcending through space and time, this well constructed video epitomises the way of life of people in Central America. Capturing the essence of Culture, Architecture, food and dance that makes you feel like you are right back in the heart of central America if you have been or that you are there in the flesh for the first time if you haven’t. It's of course accompanied by a melodic soundtrack that makes you forget all about your stressful day. So spare the best 6 minutes and 44 seconds of your day, put your head phones in and tap in to enjoy. 


Tierra de Colores from TalkinTubbasTV on Vimeo.



Boardsox Crew mandatory soccer team photo...missing Jack Bridges (broken knee doing a backflip drunk)

Some things change, this doesn't. Haysey in an El Salvador cone!

 Hayesy getting his daily cone fix 

get barrelled all day can be exhausting- Hayesy.  

Boys had to get the cheapest hire car pesos could buy.......

The crew got the cheapest car pesos could buy and well.... 


Boat missions and Boardsox 


Fuego, Si 

Sometimes the beach is the cheapest hostel  

 T-bird on a true tubbing

T-bird saving money on sunscreen  

T-bird backhand moved more water than Mexicos dam systems

yep, thats haysey...again

You guessed it? Hayesy..again 

Where is joey?

Wheres Joey?

Boats, no hoes... 


What the truck?

Panama Paradise 


Boardsox™️ Surfboard Cover Size Guide

Please find attached our size guide for Boardsox™️ Surfboard Covers. 



Important Measure from the middle left rail to the middle right rail - this will take into account the volume of your board.

  • Short Boardsox Width:  Will fit  up to 56cm or 22 Inch wide
  • Fun Boardsox Width:  Will fit  up to 61cm or 24 Inch wide
  • Long Boardsox Width    Will fit up to 66cm or  26 Inches wide

Boardsox bags take into account fins and bag closure.

Length of your SHORT and FUN Surfboard...
Length of your LONG Surfboard
  • Up to 7'0ft surfboard = order a 7'0ft Boardsox™️ Cover
  • Up to 7'6ft surfboard = order a 7'6ft Boardsox™️ Cover
  • Up to 8ft surfboard    =  order a 8ft Boardsox™️ Cover
  • Up to 9ft surfboard    =  order a 9ft Boardsox™️ Cover
  • Up to 10ft surfboard  = order a 10ft Boardsox™️ Cover


If you have a custom length,  or are still not sure please use the contact form below.




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