Boardsox Surfboard Slings

Our New Boardsox Surfboard Slings are an easy way to carry your surfboard down to your favourite local surf, take the weight off or just for a spot hands-free action.

  • Handy pocket for your wax, sunscreen and surfy related items.
  • Sling Your Board in a cradled hammock style. 
  • Shoulder straps allow you to carry almost any size board from shortboards to longboards and Stand Up Paddle Boards with ease. 
  • One size fits all Surfboards
  • made with 16oz Canvaz material with a wax coating to protect from sand and wax.

Straps are webbed and woven cotton for extra strength when carrying your surfboard. These are a game-changer when carrying your log or multiple items down to the beach.

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