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Article: Questions with Team Rider Juda Leet!

Questions with Team Rider Juda Leet!

We caught up with team rider Juda Leet from the coffs coast to see what hes been up to and find out a little more about this powerful regular footers surf journey! If you want to stay up to date with Juda's journey follow him @judaleet on instagram. 

What age did you start surfing and where did you start surfing?

I started surfing very young, probably around 2-3, my dad was a keen surfer and wanted to be able to share the love of the ocean with his first born. We were living in Coffs Harbour, NSW and regularly visiting a beach called Diggers, a family friendly place to learn to surf. 


What kind of surfer would you describe yourself as? 

I would say I am a jack-of-all-trades surfer. I really don’t stick to one craft. Depending on the conditions is what kind of board I’ll be riding, performance thruster, twin fin, quad fish, log, soft top, whatever the conditions are calling for.  

Who are some surfers who inspire you at the moment?

I love to watch Josh Kerr absolutely demolish waves on a twin fin. Seeing him have so much fun on those boards but still shred is pretty inspiring. 


Once borders open up do you have any destinations or particular waves you are dying to surf?

My wife and I had a trip planned for America and Mexico mid-2020 but that definitely didn’t go to plan. Super keen to get over there and surf those long right hand sand bottom point breaks.


What's the best surf trip you’ve ever been on?

I did a trip when I was 15 with a bunch of other mates and our dads on a boat in the Mentawaiis, and on that trip I got some of the most perfect waves of my life. There was a particular session that was the biggest I’ve ever surfed, the sets were around 15 foot and my other grommy mates weren’t keen to paddle out but I took out one of my dad’s step ups and absolutely sent it on a few big ones. Was definitely a pivotal point in my surfing life.  

When your not surfing what can people find you doing?

I’m a full-time teacher, I just completed my first full year of teaching and am absolutely loving it! If not there, than traveling with my wife in our van. 

What’s your favourite surf movie? 

I love the old Tracks movie – Galactic Tracks to the Island of Nowhere. Just a movie me and my mates used to froth out on when we were young. 

If you had to ride one board for the rest of your life, what board would it be and why?

5’7 Deadkooks Twin fin. Absolutely in love with that board. 


If you could share a perfect empty line-up what wave would you surf and who would you surf it with?

Probably Jbay, even though I haven’t surfed it, I’ve heard stories and been told that it’s the best wave in the world. And I would surf it with my brother in law who’s an absolute frother as well.

What’s your favourite Boardsox cover?

I love the Checks Boardsox long surfboard cover, perfect protection when you’re needing to keep the boards on the roof all summer.