South Coast Sessions

December 23, 2019

South Coast Sessions

The Boardsox crew ventured down south to do some serious product testing of our new range of covers and also sneak in a few waves. Often ventures out of the big smoke on weekends end in getting skunked, well this definitely wasn't one of those times. The waves turned on for quite possibly one of the last swells of significance before shitty East Coast summer swells take over, so we headed south to capitalize. 

It was at this moment they knew- petrol money well spent. 

At the busy time of year that is Christmas, there always seems to be excuse after excuse to stay in the city or go out to some event. After being feed up with poor waves and expensive weekends our Boardsox team got on the road and were greeted by thundering barrels and long walls to tear apart that put the likes of Bondi and surrounding Eastern suburbs beaches to shame. 

Not Bondi Beach.

With 7 boys squeezing into two cars it was a good opportunity to product test some of our new range of Boardsox including our collaboration model with Salt Water Dreamtime 'The Bombora', 'Checks' (dropping soon + Pre-order available) and a couple of other ones. With a large variety of shortboards, fishes and 'step-ups' for the bigger stuff needed there were a lot of boards flying around the back of cars and boards on roof racks. The new range handled well-keeping wax of car seats and preventing Chinese wax jobs in the hot Australian sun. Not to mention keeping boards scratch free and out of the harm of UV rays that can turn your new board yellow from direct sunlight that hits it when traveling on top of car roof racks. 

Roof rack tick of approval.

No board scratches on bush bashing treks.

Waves of this quality don't come without the crowd factor though and everyone was getting their fair share. Some more than others!

Dan sneaks one under the crowd.

Dan was evidently pretty happy about it.

Why is no one inside that barrel you may be wondering? same.

Chris sneaks a cheeky one under the pack.

Chris was similarly pretty happy about that one.

Surfed out and content with the number of barrels we saw go down the Boardsox crew headed back up north to surf some fun waves that resembled a water skate park. 

Halftime surf check.

Hugo goes Reow.

Benny doing 100 in a 60 zone.

Who says skate parks don't occasionally barrel? 







Good waves=big smiles, Hugo.

Surfed out and content with their weekends it was time for the Boardsox crew to pack it up and head back to the big smoke to fight for scraps at Australias busiest beaches. Wondering was that all one big dream? well until next time otherwise maybe see you in our REM sleep empty barrels and open uncrowded walls.

Pack her up O'clock.

The end ft. few a couple of cold ones 


Boardsox™️ Surfboard Cover Size Guide

Please find attached our size guide for Boardsox™️ Surfboard Covers.  



Important Measure from the middle left rail to the middle right rail of your surfboard  - this will take into account the volume of your board.

  • Short Boardsox Width:  Will fit up to 53cm or 21 Inch wide surfboard 
    [Our Boardsox short cover is 22inches Wide]

  • Fun Boardsox Width:  Will fit  up to 58cm or 23 Inch wide surfboard
    [Our Boardsox Fun cover is 24inches wide

  • Long Boardsox Width    Will fit up to 63cm or  25 Inches wide surfboard.  [Our Boardsox Long Cover is 26inches wide]


Length of your SHORT, FUN/HYBRID Surfboard...
Length of your LONG Surfboard
  • Up to 7ft surfboard = order a 7'0ft Boardsox™️ Cover
  • Up to 8ft surfboard    =  order a 8ft Boardsox™️ Cover
  • Up to 9ft surfboard    =  order a 9ft Boardsox™️ Cover
  • Up to 10ft surfboard  = order a 10ft Boardsox™️ Cover
  • Any other size please order a custom length if you would like a snug fit



If you have a custom length, please visit our custom length page or are still not sure please use the contact form below.




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