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Article: Surprising reasons your Board needs a Boardsox

Board bag

Surprising reasons your Board needs a Boardsox


1. The suns turning your new baby into a yellow monster.   

Yep that’s right UV rays turn surfboards yellow so unless you want your board looking like the yellow telly tubby then you have to protect that thing.

          +    =  

Well maybe not a Telly Tubby...... but it will look something like this

Unfortunately due to climate change the suns only getting hotter. The best way to protect your board and make sure it lives a sustainable and durable life is to keep it out of UV rays that cause harmful damage. Boardsox premium canvas covers take care of this by shielding UV rays from your surfboard.

 2. Save some money on the car wash

The worst part about traveling to the beach on a hot day?  Having your surfboards wax melt and ending up all over your car seats. Surfboard wax is extremely susceptible to melting in the sun or any hot environment. It’s a sure way to ruin your cars interior and end up with wax everywhere that you really don't want it to be.

Boardsox premium surfboard covers will catch all that melted wax before it hits your car seats and prevent the annoying clean up. 


 3. Protect your Nose! 

The most common surfboard break during transportation is the nose of the board with 80% of ding repairers reporting this as the most common out of water board damage they have to repair. Modern day standard Fibreglass surfboards are typically quite lightly glassed using  4-6 Oz glassing, making them prone to snapping with ease. 


4. Art and Surfing goes hand in hand 

In the words of our Alien Flower Boardsox model artist @ozzywrong surfing and art go hand in hand. In the words of Ozzy "theres a huge connection from art and surfing, different ways of getting the feelings out, I love painting my boards and if i love the paint job on my board i will ride it more and it will go better". If you want to see the full interview with Ozzy, then hit the link below.

 5. Kill two birds with one stone- Protect and give back. 

Boardsox are not just about protecting boards it’s about giving back to the community and causes that need support the most . It’s no secret at the moment the worlds facing its fair share of chaos and we don’t always time to give back where we want to. However at Boardsox we take that chore off your hands and donate 10% of our artist/charity collabo models back to these causes that need them most. So not only do you get a premium product that saves your board but you also get to sleep well knowing that your money is going back to the right causes.


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