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Article: Top 10 Travel destinations post COVID - Your say!

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Top 10 Travel destinations post COVID - Your say!

It’s been a while now and I think we can all admit we are getting incredibly ancy in the pancy to Jetset internationally bound. We asked the Boardsox community where they are headed after travel restrictions ease. Here are the top in order of 1-10 most desired surf destinations. 

1. Bali, Indonesia

Australians have a long love affair with Indonesia known for its long lefthand point breaks and hollow barreling reef breaks, its no surprise that it came in at number one. There is no more free feeling than driving around in Indonesia on your motorbike, checking a handful of perfect waves and finishing of a long day with a few bing tangs and a budget feed. 

Average Accomodation: $10-25 AUD per night

Average Food: Rp103,262 or $10 AUD, for budget local meals $1-3 AUD

Average Beer : Bintang Rp 35,000 or $3-4 AUD 

Flights: $650 

Other: In the old days the nightlife in Kuta was plentiful with Sky Garden, Bounty and a host of other clubs nearby providing . For the more zen traveller heading inland to the tranquil lands of Ubud is a perfect getaway for yoga, meditation and recharging the batteries. 

Here’s a video of  Boardsox Alien Flower model creator Ozzy Wright threading a ridiculous Indo barrel

2. Cloudbreak, Fiji

Bulla! Not only does Fiji play host to the kindest most beautiful and gentle people in the world but they also have a small handful of the worlds best waves. As well as being a close neighbour to Australia Fiji hosts a handfuls of world class waves around the island, not to mention the fairy godmother Cloudbreak. 

Average Accomodation: FJ$189 (120AUD)

Average Food: FJ$13 ( AUD) 

Average Beer : FJ$5 (3 AUD)

Flights: $800 AUD

Other: Try the native drink Kava, its a drink that used in moderation brings about feelings of muscle relaxation, sleepiness and feelings of wellbeing

Heres 15 minutes of the best ever Cloudbreak via One palm media

3. Taghazout, Morocco 

The land of long rights, Camels, Tagines and so much more. I instantly fell in love morocco when spending almost three months there in 2019. The place has a rawness to it that I instantly connected with, this rawness stems from the cultural mix of the interesting smells, sounds and high energy that the people and country exudes.

Average Accomodation: is MA211 for one person ( 30 AUD)

Average Food: 30.00MAD ( $4.50 AUD) 

 Average Beer : Theres little to no much beer in morocco...... take the oppurtunity to detox. 

Flights: $1,4250 AUD 

Other: Try head inland to the bustling city of Marrakech, home to all kinds of beautiful choas and creation. Otherwise if you want to slow it down a little bit the beautiful blue city of

Chefchaouen, set in the mountains its a truely beautiful place to visit. 

 To watch the stylish Torren Martyn putting some of Moroccos finest point breaks to bed hit the link below. 

or hit this link to watch the Boardsox team explore Morrocos hidden gems


4. Hossengor, France 

The mixture of good waves, food and nightlife in France is second to none. Especially when it coincides with the world circuit tour coming to town and the whole of Europe engulfing the smallish beach town of Hossengor. We spent a solid 3 weeks partying and surfing there and loved every minute of it. The variety of beach breaks along the Hossengor stretch is quite remarkable as it often gets overlooked by the notorious barrels of La Gravier. Get out there and explore its many gems and don't forget to eat as many croissants and drink your fair share of the regions finest red wine. 

Average Accomodation: $50 euros (80 AUD) 

Average Food: $13 euros (20 AUD) 

Average Beer : $5.9 Euros.... better to drink wine

Flights: $800 ( to paris) 

Other: We loved having a break from Hossegors pumping surf and stopping in at the beautiful little city of Bordeaux. Home to the famous wine region and Chateaus of St Emillion, 

For a chance to see what pumping Hossengor looks like have a click on the link below

Or to watch the Boardsox Team explore the French Jewels hit the link below 


4. Puerto Escindido, Mexico  

 Peurto Escindido is one of the wonders of the world. A beach break that can hold essentially any size that Atlantic ocean throws at it. Famous for its notoriously big barrels, there are plenty more down days than there are maxing pits. It has a variety of other more user friendly waves in the area than of the heavy natured Zicatela . La Punta is the point break that is a welcome respite for travelling couples looking for waves to surf together and the vibe down there is exquisite. Throw in Mexicos cheap street food and plenty of sights close by to visit, it's an absolute must on anyones list. 

Average Accomodation: $38 AUD 

Average Food: 6.00 USD or try the tasty street food tacos for $1

Average Beer : $1 USD 

Flights: $1,750

Other: While the coastal line of mexico is hard to stray away from there are is no 

To watch massive pumping Peurto then click the link below 


6.  Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

If you haven't been to Sri Lanka then no offence but you are kind of blowing it. It's the ultimate haven for beginner/intermediate surfers and also advanced surfers (maybe just bring something with some volume). However the right hand point breaks of Aruguam bay offer the perfect playground for progression of many beginner and intermediate surfers, so if your girlfriend (or boyfriend) wants a holiday then take them laidback land of Sri Lanka . 

Average Accomodation: LKR3,459 ( $24 AUD)

Average Food:  250.00Rs ( $2)

Average Beer : 560.00Rs ( $4)

Flights: $800

To check out the vibe of Sri Lanka hit the video below to see it in all its glory21


7. Kauai, Hawaii 

 Kauai is famous for many things but possibly the biggest is how it produced the world famous Irons brothers. How do you get two surfing prodigies out of the same small island you ask...... well you just cram a bunch of really good waves onto that island. From waves that ressemble chopes to fun beach breaks and everything in between this little island has it all and some of the worlds most pure natural beauty on the earth. 

Average Accomodation: $120 USD 

Average Food: $12 USD

Average Beer : $.6.50 USD

Flights: $900 AUD

Other: Kauai is home to great hunting for axis deer and deep water fishing. 

With waves like this its no wonder that it has produced some of the best surfers in the world, hit the link below to find out what we are talking about.


 8.  San Clemente, USA

 It couldn't be a top 10 surfing destination list without having one American spot nestled in there and the home of trestles. Although you aren't going to be surfing uncrowded waves the wave quality is super high, as trestles is often compared to as the closet thing to a surfing skate park that you can find. However you don't just go to America for the waves you go for the entire experience. Think BIG, big meals, big cars and big personalities! 

Average Accomodation: $100 USD

Average Food: $10 USD

Average Beer : $3 USD

Flights: $1000 AUD 

Other: San Clemente's city slogan is "Spanish Village by the Sea"

To check out the best Local talent tearing trestles apart click the video below.


9. Teauphoo, Tahti

 The french Polynesian is a paradise that is known for its beautiful scenery, beautiful water color and its beautiful deadly wave known as Teauphoo, arguably the worlds most perfect slab. The place burst onto the scene when Laird Hamilton toed in the Millennium wave at Teauphoo aka "Chopes" and the place went viral. Now there is the annual competition held by the WSL and not a secret spot, however we have heard if you've got a curious eye and a good sense of smell you might just be able to sniff out a few more uncrowded world class waves. 

Average Accomodation: $73 USD

Average Food: $15 USD

Average Beer : $5 USD

Flights: $1,200 AUD

Other: There has been one death fatality at Teauphoo, so proceed with caution. 

The wave that brought Teauphoo to the world and the madman who rode it, hit below.


10. Jefferys Bay, South Africa.

 South Africa is a mystical place, full of extremes however one thing that is consistent is its wave quality. From the famous big waves of dungeons to its playful beach breaks there is no doubt that J-Bay is the King or Queen of the coast.  It's long point break set up with endless turn and barrel sections is a must for any true surfer. However it's not just about the surf in South Africa, its about the landscape, the animals, the people and learning about the cultural heritage and its history that really tops off this trip. 

Average Accomodation: 1220 South African Rand (120 AUD)

Average Food: 120 rand (12 AUD)

Average Beer : $1.68 USD

Flights:  $1,200 AUD 

Other: Go and check out the Robben Island Prison, where legendary Nelson Mandela spent 18 of his 27 years. 

To see Tom currens 1st ever magical wave at Jbay hit the link below.