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About Boardsox

Boardsox is an Australian owned and operated business that evolved out of a simple idea to produce high quality durable surfboard covers that are durable and highly functional. We provide a wide variety of covers for different styles and disciplines, from single board covers to multiple board travel bags.

  • We are a company founded by surfers, so we know how important your surfboards are to you!
  • Our goal is to provide you with the perfect cover for your board that protects it from damage, but also looks amazing.
  • We believe in sustainable and ethical practices, and that is why we work with charities that help build stronger surfing communities.

Boardsox ®  was established in 2017 in the surfing hub of Australia - Torquay Victoria. Founded by a couple of surfers, Dan and Sarah (brother and sister duo) who 
have a passion for surfing and surfing's artistic expression, and giving back where they can - whilst bringing an innovative new product to the Australian Surf industry.

"We saw a gap for surfboard covers to be developed that were made of Canvas where wax would stop sticking to everything including board covers and that didn't actually rip and tear constantly which traditional surf nylon socks end up doing. 

Boardsox are made of 16oz canvas a durable long lasting material and a little funkier and fun - seemed like a pretty logical progression of our creativity as surfers.

We wanted to make sure that as part of the product solving a problem. That we used the product and the creativity to connect charities we are passionate about as surfers with our brand - and make sure we also give back as part of the brands mission" 


Dan O'Connell
    Sarah Quinney

    The creative aspect of the brand is to bring awareness to the need for all of us to make small changes.  We are a purpose driven business  and we wanted to develop a brand that allows not only us to give back to charities but also one which our customers would feel empowered to support.

    If you are interested in learning more about Boardsox or you may be a keen surf contact us here

    Sarah + Dan




    Boardsox® is a registered Trademark of Australia, United States of America, China, Japan, United Kingdom and New Zealand.