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About Boardsox


Boardsox ®  
is founded by Sarah Quinney and Dan O'Connell a Brother and sister duo who both have a strong passion for surfing and artistic expression. 

Growing up on the Surfcoast of Victoria in Torquay, and now Sarah in Northern NSW. Surfing our whole lives has given us a strong connection to the ocean and ingrained a desire to protect it and give back to it, so future generations can enjoy the same joys we get to use every day when catching waves.

The creative aspect of the brand is to bring awareness to the need for all of us to make small changes.  We wanted to develop a brand that allows not only us to give back to charities but also one which our customers would feel empowered to support.

We saw a gap for surfboard covers to be developed that were made of premium materials and a little funkier and fun - seemed like a pretty logical progression of our creativity as surfers.

We were bored by the current range of surfboard covers that were available and wanted to incorporate a positive spin in which we can give back.

We try and have has a little packaging as possible. All covers come in a reusable bag so we can reduce the use of plastic as much as possible. 

Our ethos is “protect your board and protect our ocean”, we are striving to continue to learn and grow into a company that is beneficial to the sustainability of the Surf community and have some fun while we are at it!

If you are interested in learning more about Boardsox or you may be a keen surf artist drop us a line at

Sarah + Dan

Founders of Boardsox



Boardsox® is a registered Trademark of Australia, United States of America, China, Japan, United Kindgdom and New Zealand.


Size Guide
Have a question about our Boardsox Surfboard Bags? Need help with sizing or need something made up custom to your board. Simply Submit your question below.

Please find attached our size guide for Boardsox Board Covers. 
Most of our covers are custom made to length. If you have a custom measurement you would like made please contact us

Please note some fun boards also suit the longboard cover ( it gives a little more width too)