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I am a surfer from Dee Why and have been surfing since I was quite young, starting on some super old school twin fin where there was more glass than foam. And from that just began to love to surf and since we moved closer to the beach its made it alot easier to do so. But within that i’ve really found a love for big waves and heavy slabs as it’s something that pushes me to my limits but brings me so much joy. So going on the hunt with some mates for some heavy waves on some rock shelf that's not far from a cliff face seems pretty good to me.


Dee Why 

Greatest Surfing moments
I’d say I have a couple some from going down the south coast and scoring absolute pumping slabs with some friends and no one else out. And also on my second trip to bali was just some of the most perfect waves with some epic mates around to share the sick experience.

Favourite Board
I can't really say I have a favourite board because as soon as I do get one that I really like and that goes well it only usually lasts me a couple surfs.

Favourite Boardsox or accessory

My favourite boardsox is definitely the one with the skeletons on it, just think it looks sick and different to most other ones. Also the little bags make from the offcuts of when the boardsox are made are so handy, just chuck either my fins in there, waxes or whatever I need to really, and its great to see the offcuts not just being thrown out but given another life.