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Article: Boardsox Unveils New Showroom in Torquay, Victoria: A Hub for Surfboard Lovers

Boardsox Unveils New Showroom in Torquay, Victoria: A Hub for Surfboard Lovers


If you're passionate about surfing, the waves, and the beach lifestyle, then you have every reason to be excited! **Boardsox**, the leading brand in surfboard covers and surfing accessories, is opening its first-ever showroom in Torquay, Victoria. This exciting venture brings the finest surfboard protection right to the doorstep of one of Australia's surfing meccas. Read on to discover what this means for you, whether you're a surfer, a beach-goer, or just someone who appreciates quality craftsmanship.

Why Torquay, Victoria?

Torquay, Victoria, is not just another coastal town; it's a surf city that is home to some of Australia’s most famous beaches, like Bells Beach and Jan Juc. What better place for Boardsox to establish its pioneering showroom? With its deep roots in surf culture and a booming surf industry, Torquay is the perfect backdrop for the brand's innovative range of surfboard covers and accessories.

What to Expect at the Boardsox Showroom

Surfboard Covers
Boardsox is synonymous with top-notch surfboard protection. Expect to see a broad selection of surfboard covers that are as stylish as they are functional. Designed with the modern surfer in mind, these covers cater to boards of all sizes and shapes.

Surfing Accessories
But Boardsox isn’t all about surfboard covers. The new showroom will feature a range of surfing accessories, from leashes and fins to wax and sunscreen. Everything you need for a perfect day on the waves will be under one roof.

Custom Lengths
If you want a personalized touch, the Boardsox showroom will offer custom design services. Stand out in the crowd with your unique Boardsox surfboard cover, designed by you and made to fit your surfboard perfectlyt

Expert Advice
Looking for tips on surfboard maintenance or want to know the latest surfing trends? The Boardsox team of experts will be on hand to provide invaluable insights and advice.

The Boardsox showroom in Torquay, Victoria, is more than just a retail space; it's a hub for the surfing community. With a diverse range of surfboard covers, surfing accessories, and a knowledgeable team, it promises to elevate your surfing experience to a whole new level. Mark your calendar for the grand opening and be a part of this game-changing moment in the world of surfing!

Where can you find us?

4/8 Sawmills Way Torquay VIC 


An Evening to Remember

It's not every day that a new spot opens up in our beachside community that captures the soul of the surfing culture we hold dear. Yet that's precisely what happened last Friday, as Boardsox Surf Shop opened its doors for the very first time. With an ambiance that pays homage to classic surf culture while embracing modern aesthetics and sustainability, the opening night of Boardsox Surf Shop was an event that has set the tone for its future.