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Boardsox Custom Lengths

Looking for a Boardsox surfboard cover that fits the LENGTH of your surfboard perfectly?

👉 Simply select the custom length option on the product and then make sure you write the length of the Boardsox Bag you would like made up.

🛑 IMPORTANT WE ADD 2 INCHES at the end of your custom length to cover bag closure with fins etc... 

🤙Note we cannot custom make the width of the covers. The dimensions for the width of the cover are on the product details, these come as a standard width for short, fun and long Boardsox covers. 

🤙We can only do custom lengths.

🤙You must measure your surfboard accordingly as some covers may be snug and some may be loose due to the canvas material.

Boardsox covers are designed and  made to fit your surfboard in Torquay, Victoria Australia

If you have any questions around this please email us we are so happy to help you get it right :) 



Boardsox™️ Surfboard Cover Size Guide

Please find attached our size guide for Boardsox™️ Surfboard Covers. 



Important Measure from the middle left rail to the middle right rail - this will take into account the volume of your board.

  • Short Boardsox Width:  Will fit  up to 53cm or 21 Inch wide
    [The bag is 22inches Wide]
  • Fun Boardsox Width:  Will fit  up to 58cm or 23 Inch wide [The bag is 24inches wide
  • Long Boardsox Width    Will fit up to 63cm or  25 Inches wide [The Bag is 26inches side]


Length of your SHORT, FUN/HYBRID Surfboard...
Length of your LONG Surfboard
  • Up to 7ft surfboard = order a 7'0ft Boardsox™️ Cover
  • Up to 8ft surfboard    =  order a 8ft Boardsox™️ Cover
  • Up to 9ft surfboard    =  order a 9ft Boardsox™️ Cover
  • Up to 10ft surfboard  = order a 10ft Boardsox™️ Cover


If you have a custom length, please visit our custom length page or are still not sure please use the contact form below.




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